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“Monetize Your Dreams and Turn Passion into Profits”

o  "Just as a sculptor chisels away at marble to reveal a masterpiece within, so too must we chisel away at doubt, fear, and uncertainty to unveil the masterpiece of our greatest selves. Embrace the process of self-discovery and transformation, for within you lies the potential to manifest greatness beyond imagination."

Today's interview was yet another incredible experience, delving into the topic of "Monetize Your Dreams and Turn Passion into Profits." Our guests on the show included Chantal Carter, a renowned fashion and wardrobe stylist and the creative mind behind Love and Nude in Canada, she is also a wellness coach giving support with breast cancer. Joining her was Laurie Samuel, a fierce advocate for women's rights and safety, and myself, Keisha Schahaff, an entrepreneur and business partner of several ventures, along with being a wellness coach/leader and Astronaut who went to space. With hosts Megan and Derede guiding the conversation, it was a dynamic and engaging discussion on how individuals can transform their passions into lucrative endeavors. You can watch the interview here:


Hi guys, my name is Keisha and this is my blog discussion giving support to others. I offer 12-week coaching retreats “space and wellness” – awakening dreams and clearing away the blocks


Let’s dive in to my presentation...

Think Manifestation and keep showing up for yourself!

In anything you want to create, do first work on yourself.

Challenges often encountered in business include: lack of confidence, difficulty maintaining focus, inadequate planning, insufficient support, knowledge gaps, fear of failure, limited funds, and energy depletion.

“When everything seems to be going

against you, remember...

even the airplane takes off against the wind

not with it!”

~ Henry Ford

Begin by knowing thyself


§  Your wants, goals, passion, dreams, desires etc.

§  Know what your why is for doing what you do and wanting what you want

§  What are your habits

§  What are the blocks,

§  What is holding you back? ...and why?

§  How can you clear this?

§  Tap into gratitude!

Some more amazing tips


1.    Find a connection to that something greater to believe in. A greater force, a higher self, a source of help and stability!

2.    Dedicate your passion, success as a promise to the ancestors, that person you9 look up too or who already paved the way.

3.    Become an idol to the next generation, your kids, family, community etc.

4.    Build million-dollar habits, mindset shift and right actions.


As humans we are built on beliefs and the habits, we practice daily....

o  Habits create our moment and our success – if you don’t like where you are change it.

Even today I am still manifesting that higher version of who I am – things keep changing and through every accomplishment we shift and become someone else who desires that next thing. To become what we want we must keep shifting in our vibration. Elevating ourselves, stretching ourselves and diving deeper into our transformation, the lessons and the challenges through the experiences.


Know what you want in life!


1.    Be clear what you want, your highest desire, your dream, the goal

2.    Then know your why – make it a big and strong one. This will be your anchor

3.    What is holding you back – look into this and begin to clear the obstacles, the fears, blocks and traumas

4.    Raise your vibration so you can attract like energies


What are some habits we can develop towards our success?


1.    What are the habits you are cultivating – become mindful of your actions

2.    Get up every day with positive intentions – shifting mindset with affirmations and gratitude

3.    Nourish yourself – practice self-care and practices that make you feel good, music, massage, travel, connecting with others.

4.    Mindful eating

5.    Daily movement

6.    Spiritual connection – meditating, prayer, breathing exercises

7.    Grounding with nature – taking walks, sitting in silence

8.   Emotional release – journaling, therapy, allowing energies to flow through you, sitting through it

Some Points to success


a)   Learn to collaborate

b)  Delegate

c)   Move the body to destress

d)  Diet for energy and focus

e)   Connect with positive and motivated people

f)    Every time do one money generating activity

g)   Think millionaire thoughts

h)   Create affirmations

i)     Keep track of your money

j)     Reinvest your dividends in multiple ideas


Failure is important - Accept failure as a tool – make peace with it and be proud of yourself but learn from every lesson.


Every failure means your one step closer to success


Say yes to opportunities!


Continue your personal healing journey – release the blocks that hold you back.

o  In the grand theater of life, let your actions be the script, your dreams the stage, and your determination the spotlight. Manifesting your greatest self isn't about waiting for the perfect moment, it's about seizing every moment and crafting a masterpiece of your own destiny.

"In the midst of adversity, remember: the greatest strength lies not in avoiding the storm, but in mastering the art of dancing in the rain."

 – Unknown

o  "Picture your greatest self as a constellation in the vast expanse of the universe – a beacon of light and possibility guiding you towards your true purpose. Manifesting this greatness requires not only envisioning the stars but also daring to reach out and grasp them, one bold step at a time. For in the journey of manifesting our greatest selves, the sky is not the limit, but merely the beginning of our boundless potential."

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