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Reiki Therapy & Transformative

Receive total support and rejuvenation in mind, body, emotions and spirit through Reiki Energy Healing and the power of transformative coaching to shift your energy, mindset & body.

I'm Ready

Ready for healing that makes a lasting impact?

Have you ever received energy healing but left feeling like, what next? Or, maybe you're curious but aren't sure how an energetic healing session can make a lasting impact in your life? For this reason, I offer this combo session where you can experience the benefits of Reiki healing energy as well as the coaching support to integrate what comes up for you with action steps to integrate the session into your day-to-day life.


You can look forward to:

  • Receiving total support and rejuvenation in mind, body, emotions, and spirit. 

  • Being relaxed and feeling healing energies flowing through the body.

  • Releasing tension and calming stress and anxiety. 

  • Transforming your life and feeling more empowered to live the life you desire. 

  • A great reset to get back up and live. 

  • Healing the body of ailments and dis-easement. 

Additional complimentary service, once signed up for the combo experience: 

  •  Receive daily support for 7 days 

  • Receive daily recipes for 7 days 

  • Complimentary 21 day Energy Reset Detox/diet and support. 


If you are booking an online experience you must ensure you are in a quiet and relaxed setting for your deeper peace and connection to self. Before the session, you will receive instructions as to how to prepare yourself.

A closer look...

Image by Tim Foster

The Blue Sky

Pillars of Wellness

All of my coaching programs are built around the Pillars of Wellness - Nutrition, Energy Healing & Movement, Inner Connection, and Outer Support.

Learn more here.

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