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My clients know me best. Take a moment to experience my coaching style through their words below.

MacKenzie H.

Yoga & Fitness Teacher

12 Week Coaching Program

Keisha is an incredibly powerful coach. She brought a strong focus onto the things that were going right in my life. This awareness is what gave me the courage and confidence to keep pursuing my goals while also enjoying my life in the present and not getting overwhelmed about having “big goals.”  


This is easier said than done; so each week we met online and spoke about the good things as well as the challenges that were happening in my life. Keisha has a way of making you feel comfortable so you can be completely honest with yourself.   She was able to simplify what was going on around me and within my mind. Hearing her repeat back to me what I was saying about myself and my life was very transformational. In addition to that, everything she recommended or responded with was honest, simple, and encouraging. It was exactly what I needed to hear without any bias or “ego” attached. After each session, I felt empowered to make the best decisions for myself. I found myself wanting to eat healthier, exercise more, and work toward my business goals.


It was a truly holistic experience,

and I found benefits across every area of my life.

I feel honored to have Keisha as my life coach. Her kindness, her inspiration, and her wisdom have profoundly impacted my life. I highly recommend Keisha as a personal health and life coach as well as participating in her meditations she provides. Keisha has a soothing voice that helps to guide you in releasing stress and encouraging self-reflection. Meditations and self-reflection were my favorite parts of the coaching sessions. Each session set me up for my week. I gained more clarity around my life and relationships, professional and personal. The opportunity to work with Keisha as a coach is invaluable. I am able to hold myself accountable to my goals, stay motivated and be present in the journey.  I cannot say enough good things about her. Thank you for everything, Keisha!



Reiki Healing

A Reiki session with Keisha is warm, soothing, and transformative.

With her powerful yet gentle vibration guiding the way, you will be carried on a journey through emotions, relaxation, and healing that is cathartic.


This is an investment in the privilege of being held by her energy - a gift not only to yourself but to everyone around who will benefit from a more peaceful you. 


Reiki, Coaching Programs

The title of Health and energy coach really does not capture the full scope of who and what Keisha is/offers.


Keisha is authentic, attentive, and accesses downloads in real-time to assist me with transcending challenges/issues and undergo personal transformation.


There has not been a time/session with Keisha where I did not feel as she might describe an A Ha moment. I describe these moments more as earth and mind shifting. My sessions result in exponential spiritual growth, heightened self-awareness, and increased self-love.

She provides a safe, feel good space where I can be me and safely release what ails me and evolve in the moment.

Keisha is absolutely present in the moment and can recall and link previous concerns, thoughts, or issues that I might have shared with her and then addresses it in a way that is fully integrative. I am challenged to answer, ask, probe, or resolve my own irritations, concerns and issues.


Keisha is able to remain present, supportive, listening, and simultaneously access downloads of healing information to assist me on my journey to wholeness – to enlightenment.

Reiki sessions have also been otherworldly. Different sensations, visions, thoughts, etc manifest during and afterwards to help with my alignment to all of me…above and below. Keisha is also alert and able to help me connect the dots from talk therapy to reiki sessions which are truly mind-blowing.

I highly recommend any service that Keisha offers. Keisha is unafraid to disclose her own vulnerability. She has offered tools from her own personal experiences and from downloads to help to close gaps where there is pain, unease, or conflict between others and myself.

In all of my experiences throughout my travels, education, career, physical and spiritual healing, I have not encountered someone who talks the talk and walks the walk. In our sessions, the majority of me is unafraid to show up and be healed. It’s a process where I feel as though I have been able to emerge from a cocoon as a butterfly after identifying the root cause of a problem and then being able to witness the whole cycle of transformation in an actual session.

When we are able to meet it is a collaborative effort but at all times I am reminded that I hold the power... so much so that I recently came to terms that … “I am the problem” and “I am also the solution” in my life and it’s’s actually very very cool. This revelation helped me to close some gaps and “reframe” (as Keisha states) so that I can move forward and not be a victim in any of my circumstances and comfortably own my power.
She offers a plethora of tools (mirror work; EFT tapping; meditation; breathing techniques; walking; self-love exercises; working out; yoga; writing; giving thanks; establishing healthy boundaries; manifestation knowledge; affirmations; chanting; walking barefoot; being fully present in the moment; crisis dumping; and many many more) that all range from the non-physical and physical.


Keisha seems to pluck from the ethers a relevant and timely tool and moulds it with her words- her presence – her energy into a solid to heal, to restore myself and by extension others—all that she allows to come through her is therapeutic on a vibrational and physical level as it resonates on multiple dimensions and planes of my existence.


She urges me to make the tools my own and I have. Each of our sessions are miraculous and cathartic beyond my ability to express. I am able to receive tangible energetic improvements and impartations in her presence and from a distance…

Keisha has given me the ability to see my life and relationships from so many different perspectives that I on my own am shapeshifting and re-framing to the point that I am blown away at how I deal with life – the good and not so good. I am more open to re-claiming and living with all of who I am or at least making great strides to accept all that is and use it as traction to create or re-create my best life for myself. I am less reactionary and more conciliatory and also have more of a bird’s eye perspective on my life which takes a lot of the edge off.

My family, friends, and others recognize the changes in me and I certainly feel a genuine power that is my own and that is sustainable and ever-evolving.


I feel that I am liberating myself from all of that which has imprisoned me and releasing all that no longer serves any of me in a way that is gentle and loving.

Keisha is the Bomb. She is the real deal. You must experience what I have experienced.

With any energetic or root problems that have caused me in any way to lead me away from being whole, she has tuned in with attention like an eagle to assist me as I also seek to refine my life’s purpose and operate from my chosen platform in my life.

I am looking forward to unfolding the full spectrum of my journey to become whole. I am eager to re-direct this energy in my spaces and places to help positively impact my spheres of influence.
Thank you, Dearest Keisha!

I am so very proud of you and the galactic work that you will be undertaking which is part and parcel of your practice and purpose. I give thanks and respect your practice and am eager to learn and become more of me using your tools, etc.


Now it is for others to benefit, and so they will.

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