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Biography of Keisha Schahaff

Allow me to provide a brief introduction of myself:


A loving wife and mother who raised two ladies. Born and Raised Antiguan and Barbudan. Keisha Schahaff, a trailblazing individual, achieved the extraordinary feat of securing two tickets for a groundbreaking space voyage aboard Virgin Galactic. In a historic moment, she chose to share this remarkable experience with her daughter, Anastatia Mayers, thereby becoming the first mother-daughter duo, the first females from the Caribbean, and the first individuals from their island nation, Antigua and Barbuda, to venture into the cosmos. This pioneering journey stands as a testament to Keisha's indomitable spirit and penchant for breaking barriers.



Beyond this cosmic milestone, Keisha's life took an awe-inspiring turn as she transitioned into the role of an Astronaut. Channeling the profound impact of her space odyssey, she emerged as a captivating Speaker, sharing her unique perspective and transformative journey with the world. Keisha's passion extends beyond the stars; she is a fervent advocate for Peace and Human Equality, dedicated to fostering Healing and Transformation on our planet. Through her eloquent discourse, Keisha seeks to instill a sense of unity and tranquility, leaving an enduring legacy that transcends the bounds of Earth."


An accomplished entrepreneur, ventured into various businesses on the island, forging successful partnerships and achieving notable success across diverse sectors.


Furthermore, Keisha is a certified MAP Practitioner and life coach who harnesses the power of neuroscience and manifestation therapy to achieve remarkable results, heal trauma, and eliminate mental barriers. She also serves as a wellness coach and self-development mentor, empowering women to pursue their dreams and overcome their fears. Keisha is also a Herbalist, Vegan and Reiki Master for more than 20 years, giving assistance to herself, family, friends and community. The next step is to engage in Wellness Retreats and have begun her first 12 weeks retreat she calls, “Space and Wellness Retreat.”


As the journey continued, Keisha has also embraced the role of Keynote Speaker, captivating audiences with her life journey, transformative experiences, and insights into unlocking one's fullest potential. She shares stories of success, manifestation of dreams, and even embarking on journeys to space.


In addition to her coaching practice, Keisha is actively involved in the private business sector. She is a valued Sales Executive and Host in a top-tier luxury real estate development and citizenship residency service for ultra-high-net-worth individuals.


Keisha also serves as a tourism brand ambassador for Antigua and Barbuda as well as the Wellness Leader, promoting the beauty and attractions of this stunning destination as a Wellness get away in a piece of Earths Paradise.


Also, Space Ambassador to the Caribbean Space Organization, Virgin Galactic and Space for Humanity. Advocating to make space more inclusive for all.


As a passionate environmentalist and advocate for mental health development, Keisha firmly believes that healing oneself is the key to healing our planet.


Born and raised in the beautiful islands of Antigua and Barbuda, always dreamt of the stars and becoming an astronaut. This dream came true on August 10th 2023 and she had won 2 tickets to space and took her daughter Anastatia Mayers with her.











·      Interview right after space flight:



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