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Space Chat: Interview with Host Dr. Claire Nelson and Caribbean Astronaut Keisha Schahaff


Date: 22 March 22, 2024

Interview on STREAMYARD for JAMAICA> 10 AM> 10 -12 minutes


Dear Readers, today, I had the honour of being interviewed by the esteemed Dr. Claire Nelson. Our conversation will be released on April 4th, 2024.


My journey to space has been nothing short of extraordinary, leaving me in perpetual awe. I am dedicated to sharing this profound experience with everyone, igniting dreams, and advancing accessibility to space for all. Below you can see the interview questions.




1)   Who is Keisha Schahaff? 


Born in the vibrant Caribbean region, specifically on the enchanting islands of Antigua and Barbuda.


A passionate seeker in life, I possess an insatiable curiosity, constantly exploring various aspects of life and belief systems. With an open and free-thinking mindset, I embrace the role of an adventurer and explorer, always eager to learn and grow.


As an entrepreneur, I've ventured into diverse business endeavors, often collaborating with others and experiencing both failures and successes along the way. My journey has led me through the corporate world and into the realms of intuitive energy healing as a Reiki Master/Teacher and empath.


Furthermore, as a M.A.P Practitioner/Coach, I delve into the intricacies of the human mind, assisting individuals in releasing traumas and emotional blocks that hinder their path to success. My aim is to cultivate happiness and positive energy, elevating one's vibration to manifest the life they desire.


In addition to being a self-development and wellness coach, I serve as a keynote speaker, inspiring others to transform their habits, adopt mindful living practices, and achieve their health and wellness goals.


Notably, I've also had the extraordinary privilege of training with Virgin Galactic and embarking on a journey to space as an astronaut. As a Space Ambassador, I am dedicated to sharing my awe-inspiring space experiences with the world, empowering others to manifest their full potential and connect with their higher purpose.


My journey to space has reignited a childhood dream, sparking a profound sense of purpose as I merge the realms of space exploration and wellness. Through this fusion, I aim to inspire others to reconnect with their dreams and pursue their passions wholeheartedly.


2)   Why Did you enter the Citizen Astronaut Competition?   





I recognized an opportunity to pursue a long-dormant dream, one that I had set aside for far too long. Believing in the synchronicity of the universe, I resolved that if this opportunity was truly meant for me, it would come to fruition. Throughout my life, I've been driven by a deep desire to comprehend the purpose of existence and to explore beyond the confines of our world. I yearned to witness firsthand what lies beyond our atmosphere, eager to experience the sensation of being among the stars.


3)   What was it Like Preparing to go to Space?   



The experience was incredibly exhilarating, brimming with invaluable information and insights. Over the course of two years, I immersed myself in understanding the intricacies of the spacecraft and space operations, supported by an exceptional team. Managing stress levels became paramount, leading me to incorporate meditation practices into my routine. Maintaining peak physical fitness and health was crucial, necessitating regular doctor visits to ensure I met the rigorous requirements for endurance and fitness.


4)    What was it Like in Space? 




It felt like returning to a place of ultimate peace, connection, and belonging—the sensation of coming home. Surrounded by the vast darkness of space, there was an undeniable tranquility. Then, in a moment of awe-inspiring clarity, our blue planet came into view, hanging suspended in the void, confirming everything I had ever read or imagined. It appeared serene yet vibrant, its aura ablaze with fiery blue hues, captivating our attention like a mesmerizing flame. It felt as though a magnetic force was pulling us back towards it as we floated weightlessly in zero gravity.



Witnessing the sun was equally mesmerizing—a shimmering silver speck radiating beams of light that seemed to form a tunnel of illumination. And there was the moon, appearing distant and lifeless, casting a chilly, icy presence.


Gazing back at Earth from this celestial vantage point, with the moon and sun in the distance, was nothing short of surreal—a moment that left me speechless, a feeling that still lingers within me to this day.


5)   Now that you have returned.. what do you want us to know especially young people from Small Island Nations like Antigua?





The profound energy I encountered in space opened my eyes to a greater presence, one brimming with wisdom and unity, holding the fabric of existence together.


In the vastness of the cosmos, I realized our interconnectedness, despite our seemingly insignificant presence. Space is not merely a distant frontier; it is an intrinsic part of our being, and it is our birthright to explore its mysteries and expand our understanding of life.


Fear, I discovered, is the only barrier to our potential. In the weightlessness of space, devoid of fear, there existed only profound peace.


Moreover, my journey reinforced the importance of personal growth and wellness. As a wellness coach, I feel an even deeper connection to my mission—to effect positive change in the world. True transformation begins within ourselves; by continuously striving to become better versions of ourselves, embracing kindness, acceptance, and love, we fulfill our greatest responsibility—to honor the gift of life.


Each moment presents an opportunity for growth and contribution. By cultivating kindness, compassion, and self-improvement, we can collectively create a more beautiful world. Let us embark on this journey of self-discovery and conscious living, asking ourselves, "Am I being kind?"—and embracing each moment with gratitude and purpose.

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