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Space and Wellness Retreat

Blue Sky Wellness Antigua introduces...

Space and Wellness Retreat: “Achieving Dreams and Going beyond




"The Space and Wellness"

This is a 12-week retreat! Expanding the Space within; Getting to know yourself and Achieving Dreams!


Coordinated by Keisha Schahaff - Wellness Coach!



Welcome to the Space and Wellness 12-week retreat! We are delighted to offer this unique opportunity as a one-time complimentary gift for Wellness January in Antigua and Barbuda. Wellness Coach Keisha Schahaff is excited to lead this transformative experience virtually, starting on January 20th and concluding on April 6th. Our group sessions will take place every Saturday at 9 am, lasting for 2 hours each.


This exclusive retreat is open to a limited number of participants—just 12 individuals can benefit from this special gift. We encourage you to seize this opportunity to embark on a journey of well-being and self-discovery with Coach Keisha. To secure your spot, please register as soon as possible.


We look forward to fostering a positive and enriching experience for each participant. Get ready to embrace wellness and make the most of this extraordinary 12-week retreat!

To sign up with me and click the link:




We are ready to deepen our wellness transformation. Our health is our responsibility!

Bonus kickstart with a 2-week (14 days) "Detox with Me." This is a 14-day detox and cleansing of the system – a total reset to begin the new year in 2024. Another amazing treat we are adding to our program.



...if we can maintain a healthy state of mind, body, and way of being
then we can also maintain a healthy planet
for us all to live, enjoy and explore

Welcome Everyone!


This Program combines Personal Growth and Self Development nuggets. This program is a combination of knowledge and experience in wellness, along with guidance to help individuals tap into their full potential, pushing past limitations and steps in achieving goals and dreams.

We use a combination of teaching exercises and personal transformational coaching. We create and open up space within one life, mentally while nurturing one’s well-being.



Included in this program:


1.     90 days detox and rejuvenation therapy. Focusing on regeneration of the 4 basic aspects to healing

a.     Mental – includes journaling, mediation, affirmation, grounding, diet, movement

b.     Physical – diet, energy healing, herbs, movement, yoga, breathwork, grounding

c.     Emotions - includes journaling, mediation, affirmation, grounding, diet, movement

d.     Spiritual – silent retreat, fasting, praying, meditation, journaling, nature


2.     You will be supported in the spiritual journey, womb rejuvenation. This includes health and womb meditation with 4 primary focuses

a.     Awareness

b.     Release

c.     Healing

d.     Empowerment



How do I offer support?


1.     By practicing active listening

2.     Opening up a safe and confidential space

3.     A commitment to working alongside you every step of the journey – holding your hand as you navigate through your self awareness

4.     Offering accountability

5.     Creating a program tailored for you


 Before we begin I meet with each person to make sure it's a right fit for you and depending on everyones energy we flow in this way. We will begin with a vision board, knowing your desire and your why. We then meet every week with a topic, empowering you to take action in your life. Allowing you space to feel safe, explore, heal and share together. It's going to be so much fun. Lots of special treats that will contribute to your development and growth as a being.




Some benefits to this 12-week retreat:

·      Aligning to your goals and dreams

·      Discovering true potential

·      Building health and wealth

·      Feeling relaxed and at ease within oneself

·      Mindset shifting and becoming more positive

·      Learn how to balance the forces within

·      Managing stress and anxiety

·      Healing the body from disease

·      Regaining energy flow and maintaining balance

·      Developing self-confidence and love


What are some things you will need

o   A journal book for recording and venting

o   A gratitude journals for recording daily appreciation

o   Sacred pen for writing

o   Comfortable blanket for added support

o   Get some crystal quarts or any your attracted too, look up what it means and keep it with you always

o   Incense for relaxation and cleansing

o   Bath salts for spiritual bath

o   Some of your favorite herbal teas for relaxation and ease


Format of each session


      I.         Begin with what’s going well

     II.         Discussion on task activity and how it went

   III.         Setting an intention for today’s session

   IV.         Affirmation

    V.         Breathwork

   VI.         Meditation

 VII.         Working on a goal

VIII.         Clearing any limitations or blocks

   IX.         Topic Discussion

     X.         Workshop

   XI.         Task homework plan

  XII.         Ahas, insight and feedback

 XIII.         Energy work and gratitude


I can't wait to begin working with you. This is going to be so much fun. See you soon!


Sign up with me and click the link:

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