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Living on purpose and eating on purpose…

Intentions is everything and is what fuels ever action.

Take a moment and ask yourself this question, what are my intentions in the action I am taking right now? Be curious and open up to the heart and simply listen. Whatever the answer, this is your why. This is the fuel that creates the energy to take the action. Simply sit with yourself and listen. Observe and become your own friend. Get to know you.

Take this intention and see it in every area of your life. What is your why, in your relationships, health, career or even your spirituality.

If you’re looking at your health, also pay attention to your why. Seriously this will help you.

Look at the following questions:

Did I exercise today? Why didn’t I or why did I? What’s my reasons?

What did I eat today? What was my reason for eating that?

Let’s look a bit deeper on eating. There are some good tips to ensure you’re not feeding an emotion. Many times the intention is to perhaps be healthier, loose toxins (weight), feel more energy…  but it don’t work out that way because we are busy feeding emotions or have formed addictions to the foods we eat.

Sitting for a meal be sure to be in a good state emotionally in order not to disturb the natural healing energies of the food. Release anything disturbing, and shift into a pleasant and higher mindset, vibrating thoughts of gratitude and high intentions for the greater good.

Look at the habits created as well.

I like to pray before I have my meal and that’s because I am charging my food with good energies. Simply saying thank you alone can raise the energy in the food. I speak Intentions of what I want to create, this could also be in health or simply wanting to be uplifted and have a good experience.

Now I would like to look at other aspects of living on purpose. Sometimes I find myself looking at my life and its details and asking many questions.

Letting go of mistakes that hold us in fear!

Looking at different topics, journaling what comes up.

  • list all the mistakes

  • what was the intentions behind each action. What was your why for doing what you did?

  • This is not who you are anymore

  • What have I learned

  • Forgive oneself and others

Sitting in the silence of my heart and noticing what comes up. I can hear very clearly. God said to me, “I have a purpose for your life, trust me and follow the desires I have planted In your heart. Listen and follow my guidance. You don’t need to understand but you simply must trust me and let me lead.” This is the reason I am here and I am sharing my journey. I’m guided to share and be authentic and that’s what I am doing. I don’t know where I am going but my faith is what allows me to listen and to follow my heart.

Choose to live and exist fully in this life. Meditation and reflections…

Did I live

Did I matter

Did I love

Was I lived

Did I make a difference

No matter where you are in your life right now things can change

Take time to get to know thyself or it might happen that you end up absorbing everyone else idea about you!

Protect yourself from internalizing other peoples criticisms and disempowering opinions of you.

Life is happening now… be 💯 involved in life but don’t be affected by it. Pay attention but remain in the peaceful bliss within

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