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Healing Traumas through The Healing Processing System!

by Blue Sky Wellness


The M.A.P. Coaching Experience


with Coach Keisha Schahaff

What’s this program about?


Hi my name is Keisha and I am your MAP (Manifesting All Possibilities) Coach and Therapist. I work with a scientific and unique system that could allow you to dissolve limiting beliefs, neutralize fears, overcome stress and anxiety, and stop self-sabotaging behaviors in their track. It does all of this in a way that is fast, easy and gentle while producing results that are long term and often permanent. All due to rewiring the brain. This is called the Process Healing Method,” a theory and treatment of your personality, certified by Dr. Garry A. Flint, Ph.D.


·      Diffuse fear and anxiety by clearing the memory of the traumatic experience and rewiring the brain, debilitating behaviors dissolve.


·      Manifest love and relationships using MAP to energize and attract ways to improve your love relationships and manifest the love of your life.


·      Improve brain health, release stress and anxiety.


·      Attract success, money and align with your calling.


·      Heal the mind, body and emotional energy



In my coaching style I offer you a transformational process that allows you to connect with your greater and higher innate self, so that you can create your life in the way that empowers you to bring forth what it is you want without the blockages and barriers brought on by fear.


There are 3 stages to the coaching program before even going any further into creating the desire.


1.    Clearing the issues, the barriers and all the things that hold you stuck in fear

2.    A Complete System, focuses in a general way, when not sure what to work on but still want to feel more satisfaction in life and less suffering

3.    Goal oriented, directed towards knowing what you want but there are barriers and fears holding you back that needs to be cleared and released before moving forward


Once these 3 areas are in aligned and you are feeling clear, happy and at peace, then it will be much easier to focus on knowing exactly what you want and it will be easier to see the steps to move forwards and then we can focus on ways to stretch oneself and grow.

Creating a life full of satisfaction, growth and development. This is where we continue the work and begin to see even more success in our time together.


In order to create a life full of satisfaction, we need the right energy and focus. In my method I incorporate a healthy lifestyle that is balanced holistically. We look at the habits you have generated and how to shift and transform these habits into functional ones that will lead you to a healthy mind, body, emotions and energy.


We will use a few modules to get you started. Please take a moment to view this video. We first begin by training the brain to receive the commands and this is the first video explaining the processing system.



After watching this video, we can now go ahead and begin.


In this coaching module we also look at 5 major areas of your life:

1.    Health and Wellness

2.    Self -Love and Relationship

3.    Career and Calling

4.    Money Relationship

5.    Connecting to that which is greater and manifestation

What does it take to be healthy and live the best life?


First off when the body is healthy, it is the best situation, as you don’t have to put any energies into worrying about it. The body can now function at its best and do what it does on its own to stay well. Now you can move on to enjoy and improve other areas of your life and creating the best life you want period. When the body is fit and healthy it functions best and you can concentrate even better on developing and being creative in your job, focusing on projects, relationships with others, self-expansion, self-liberation etc. you can even focus more on helping others and not having to rely on others unnecessarily to help you.


To be healthy is a holistic journey, connecting within self, to listen, to feel, to accept, to forgive, to let go, to become, to be. These are great directives to expand on while navigating your way through the maze of rediscovering the self. Look inwards and be aware of how you are feeling. What is your energy level like? Are you sleeping well? What are you eating? How does your body feel as a result of what you are eating?

What is your emotional state? Ask yourself many questions to reveal what is happening with you and look at the habits you have developed as to what might be causing whatever ailments occurring in your body. Know that all sicknesses can be reversed through the right mindset and right diet. However always consult your doctor when needed. A positive mindset and knowing how to manage stress, breath and release tension is a great tool that helps to prevent sicknesses as well. There are lots of research that one can turn to for guidance. It is wise to always research and question everything.


Action Step


Begin by developing a self-care plan. This is super important to being clear on what will work best for you as a path to self-care. Knowing your goal, visualizing it through is the first step. Ask yourself what does self-care mean to me? If this becomes a problem then close your eyes and connect to the heart. Place your hands on the heart and ask what do I truly want? Listen and then visualize completely and ask yourself why and how do I get there? What are the steps I need to take to make this happen?


Self-care is important as it allows you to naturally become calm and releases you from stress. It is a balance created between pleasures and challenges that come up in life.


Please list 2 things you can do this week as a means to yourself care development.


1.    ____________________________________________


2.    ____________________________________________



Payment must be completed at least 24 hours prior to your coaching session. Each session has a duration of 90 minutes, with an energetic exchange cost of $200 USD. In Antigua and Barbuda, a discounted rate of $400 ECD is available. For those requiring financial assistance, we provide a convenient payment plan. Additionally, we have a scholarship program designed for individuals with low income or those currently unemployed, ensuring accessibility to this transformative healing experience for everyone.


We also ask for donations to keep this project going so that we can continue offering scholarship assistance to those in need of mental health assistance.


Please go ahead and make your payment via PayPal.



Allow me to provide a brief introduction of myself:


"Keisha Schahaff, a trailblazing individual, achieved the extraordinary feat of securing two tickets for a groundbreaking space voyage aboard Virgin Galactic. In a historic moment, she chose to share this remarkable experience with her daughter, Anastatia Mayers, thereby becoming the first mother-daughter duo, the first females from the Caribbean, and the first individuals from their island nation, Antigua and Barbuda, to venture into the cosmos. This pioneering journey stands as a testament to Keisha's indomitable spirit and penchant for breaking barriers.


Beyond this cosmic milestone, Keisha's life took an awe-inspiring turn as she transitioned into the role of an Astronaut. Channeling the profound impact of her space odyssey, she emerged as a captivating Speaker, sharing her unique perspective and transformative journey with the world. Keisha's passion extends beyond the stars; she is a fervent advocate for Peace and Human Equality, dedicated to fostering Healing and Transformation on our planet. Through her eloquent discourse, Keisha seeks to instill a sense of unity and tranquility, leaving an enduring legacy that transcends the bounds of Earth."


Furthermore, Keisha is a certified MAP Practitioner and life coach who harnesses the power of neuroscience and manifestation therapy to achieve remarkable results, heal trauma, and eliminate mental barriers. She also serves as a wellness coach and self-development mentor, empowering women to pursue their dreams and overcome their fears.


In addition to her coaching practice, Keisha is actively involved in the private business sector. She is a valued Sales Executive in a top-tier luxury real estate development and citizenship residency service for ultra-high-net-worth individuals.


Keisha also serves as a tourism brand ambassador for Antigua and Barbuda, promoting the beauty and attractions of this stunning destination.


As a passionate environmentalist and advocate for mental health development, Keisha firmly believes that healing oneself is the key to healing our planet.


I look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you and contributing to your objectives. Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss any specific details or requirements further.


I would like to extend my gratitude as I share with you a few other bio links and interview links:







·      Interview right after space flight:




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