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Heal the Mental Blocks to Weight loss!

Heal Subconscious

Blocks to Weight Loss

Creating an ideal weight shouldn't be about diets and deprivation, but about an inner knowing of how you eat, what to eat and when you eat. Also letting go of what holds you back from being able to do that or the mental cause as well. There are many unconscious dietary, lifestyle, and emotional causes for weight gain, including habits and beliefs picked up from childhood and throughout our lives, even traumas, emotional triggers etc. which inform our dietary behaviors

When we heal the underlying, unconscious causes of our issues, we can free ourselves from the struggle with weight and its negative effects on our health.

We can dive deeper into this system of healing through a 12 week detailed course as I coach you through the blocks while using tools that will help release the blocks and heal the wounds.

Once you have cleared away the hidden blockage within it become open what the body is communicating without a conflicted pattern to the addicted habits and created lifestyle around it.

Feel confident in knowing yourself and what works for you. We are all unique and only our higher and inner knowing can truly be the guide.

Masterful, word boss wellness coach Keisha Schahaff is fully equipped to assist you to the next level, every step of the way. Giving full support in partnership.

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